Admission Details

Documents Required
Submission of Application Deadlines
Admission details for 2016-17 is posted on the website
School Forms Required at the time of Requisition for Application Form 1. Copy of Marks card (transcript) of the previous school of the
    present year and last year.
2. Copy of Corporation Birth Certificate.
3. Photo copy of a passport if the child is a foreign passport holder.
School Forms Required at the time of Submission of Application Form 1. Original transfer certificate duly attested and countersigned by the     educational authorities.
2. Notarized birth certificate for class I admission.
3. Photo copy of a passport if the child has a foreign passport.
GREI Admission Criteria
II language offered for classes I to IV Kannada
III language offered for class V to VIII Sanskrit/ Hindi
II language offered for classes V to X Sanskrit/ Hindi/ Kannada

Admission Factors
Age suitability for class                        Very important              
Curriculum Rigor Very Important
Previous syllabus studied Important
Previous marks Important

Non academic
Extracurricular activities                      Important                       
Talent/ability Important
Character/personal qualities Important

frequently asked questions
1.What is the maximum strength per class?
The maximum strength per class is about 35 and not exceeding 40.
2.Till what classes do you have?
3.What is the language pattern in the CBSE campus at GREI?
4.When do we apply for Class I?
5.What classes can admission be done to?
6.Is there another entry level for admission?
7.Do you admit students from overseas?
8.How are the fees collected for new admissions?
9. Is it a residential school?
10. What is the major difference between the school-based exam and board exam?

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